About First Presbyterian Preschool

About First Presbyterian Preschool

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First Presbyterian Preschool, founded in 1954, offers a weekday early childhood education experience that provides age-appropriate, play-based curriculum. We serve children three to five years of age who are potty trained.


It is the mission of First Presbyterian Preschool to extend the ministry of First Presbyterian Church to young children and their families by imparting a lifelong love of learning through meaningful play-based experiences with an emphasis on a child’s social, emotional and spiritual development.

Core Values

First Presbyterian Preschool helps your child CLIMB high to a successful future.

                       Building Godly character

               Multi-sensory experiences

           Intentional teachers

      Love of learning

Christ Centered


At First Presbyterian Preschool we value early childhood as an important stage of development that is unique to other stages of life.  We create meaningful experiences within a Christian context that are developmentally appropriate and impactful to the life of each unique child.   We recognize that every child has his or her own learning style and life experience. We welcome children of all abilities and backgrounds who may benefit from our program. Together we explore the world around us, with an emphasis on a Christian worldview.

First Presbyterian Preschool understands that the primary role of an early childhood education is the socialization of young children. Our goal at is to impart a lifelong love of learning by instilling Christian values and fostering opportunities for the development of positive social skills. Through cooperative play, opportunities for exploration of individual interests, and time interacting in a community, the children of First Presbyterian Preschool grow into children who are excited about learning and equipped for future success.  First Presbyterian Preschool believes that children learn best through hands-on play opportunities.

Our play-based, thematic curriculum allows for an integration of the whole child.  Our learning activities allow for growth in a child’s social, spiritual, physical, cognitive, and emotional areas.  Emphasis is placed on language development and literacy in the context of literature rich experiences and a text-rich environment.  Leadership and independence are fostered through serving each other, trying new things, and sharing information and ideas with others.

Ages Served

First Presbyterian Preschool serves preschool children between the ages of 3 and 5 years.  Students must turn 3 years old by September 1 of enrolling year.  Students may turn 6 years old during their current school year enrolled.

Program Offered

First Presbyterian Preschool offers a half day preschool program. This program runs from 8:30am-12:30pm (student drop-off 8:15-8:30am and student pick-up 12:30-12:45pm).  

Click here to view the three different preschool class options.

Spiritual Emphasis

First Presbyterian Preschool is a Christian preschool.  Teachers and Aides are Christian in faith and will have signed a statement of faith.

Praying, Bible stories, weekly chapel experiences, and developmentally appropriate scripture memorization are all a part of the preschool experience at First Presbyterian Preschool.

Families and students do not need to be Christian to attend.

Curriculum Emphasis

First Presbyterian Preschool uses play-based, project rich, hands-on and thematic curriculum.  Children will develop strong thinking skills, interpersonal social skills, a love for literature, and a curiosity for exploration.  

The Pre-Kindergarten Class has a slightly more academic model of this curriculum with an emphasis on Kindergarten Readiness skills.  

Outside or indoor large motor free play will take place daily.  Art, Music, Chapel time and Library time will be offered during the regular program hours weekly which are included in your monthly tuition.