Church Officers

Church Officers

The life of First Presbyterian Church is enriched by the many different kinds of service offered by members. This represents an expression of Paul’s view of the church as the body of Christ, with each member contributing to the health of the whole. (I Corinthians 12)

Congregational leadership is an important area of service in the church. Each year, the congregation calls members who have been regular in worship, active in the life of the church, generous in support of our ministry, and faithful in their life and witness to the gospel, to serve as:







These are distinctive leadership roles, calling for particular gifts and commitment.

Questionnaire for Prospective Church Office Nominees

The Congregational Nominating Committee would like to become better acquainted any prospective church office nominees. We've created a questionnaire that invites you to share your faith journey, service experience, leadership commitment, and engagement with the vision and mission of First Pres. This questionnaire will be kept in strict confidence. 

1) Click to download the PDF questionnaire
2) Print the questionnaire and fill out by hand
3) Scan the completed questionnaire and email Janet Schultz or drop a hard-copy by the Connection Center in the Atrium on Sunday mornings.