The purpose of a First Pres Deacon is to minister to those who are in need, the sick, the friendless and to any who may be in distress.

The Deacons' Fund

The Deacon's Fund is a great tradition of First Pres, allowing the Deacons to respond to the emergency needs of the congregation, eight Deacon's ministries (including Deacon's Closet, Lamb's Lunch and the Thanksgiving Dinner) as well as to 16 local agencies. The First Pres Deacons rely exclusively on dedicated contributions to raise about $60,000 annually to aid those in need. 

Watch the video below to see First Pres Deacons in action as they support those in the Boulder County Community. 

Click on the donate button below to make a one-time-gift to the Deacons via Paypal (or contact Dal DeVries at 720.335.8298.)

Supported Groups

The Deacons serve the Church community and the Boulder County community in the following ways:

  • Deacons' Closet
  • Food Collection for EFAA and St. Thomas Aquinas Food Banks
  • Transportation Coordination with Special Transit for Sunday Mornings
  • Fifth Sunday luncheons and Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Lamb's Lunch (November through March)
  • Visitation of Shut-Ins, Cards to Congregation Members for Life Events, Chancel Flowers and Baby Rosebuds
  • Financial Allocations to Agencies and Individuals
  • Preparation of the Lord's Supper

Current First Pres Deacons

Moderator, Lynne Harlow

Class of 2018

Tom Chase
Barb Cooper
Suzanne De La Paz
Troy Kamphuis
Judy Marcum
Mark Matheson
Debby Springer
Hans Neumann

Class of 2019

Sally Benjamin
Tim Evans
Lynne Harlow
Julie Johns
Paul Landers
Nancy Liebetrau
Rob Wissolik
Gordon Zellers


Class of 2020

Gary Abbuhl
Wilhelmina Gilmer
Betty Huff
Walt McKee
Jane Oerter
Ben Pillon
Randi Pilon
David Tueting
Lani Zielsdorf