Online Directory

The online all-church directory is our free, password protected and primary method of keeping First Pres friends connected.

Everyone is encouraged to add or update a picture to the online directory by March 15, 2017 (we will be printing a new version of the directory at that time).  

You may access our online directory by clicking here.

If you need a username and password reset to access the directory or are unable to upload a picture to the online directory contact Ashley at .

Printed Photo Directory

Pre-orders of the newly printed church photo directory will be available through March 15 for $16.50 online or $15.50 by check or cash in the business office Mon-Thurs, 8am-4:45pm and Fridays 8am-4pm.

Click to pre-order a copy of the Printed Photo Directory

For members without access to a computer, the printed version may also be available at no cost - contact Ashley at 303.402.6403.