Eat Together

Eat Together

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We hope you will be a part of this vision to share God's hospitality with others.

Sign-up to Attend (or Host) a “Dinner for Eight” with people from First Pres

Our goal is to have 100 Dinners for Eight (and a photo of each group hanging in the Atrium) by the beginning of Advent 2017. We will form groups and make them as intergenerational as possible.

Regather with your “Dinner for Eight” group to prepare freezable meals

Everyone in your group will then have freezable meals ready to deliver to a friend or neighbor in need. Our goal is to surprise people in our community with 500 meals by Easter 2018. (The church kitchen will be available for meal prep.)

Host a meal in your home with neighbors, colleagues, and/or others who are not part of First Pres

Our goal is to feed and offer hospitality to 5,000 people (who are not part of our church family) by Memorial Day 2018.

Who can participate? Can I bring my children?

All Covenant Partners, regular attenders and visitors of First Pres Boulder (and their children) are welcomed and encouraged to join in Eat Together. Just fill out and submit the Sign-Up form by October 15 to be connected with a group. Children will be added to the total of 8 adults.

Will I know everyone/anyone in my “Dinner for Eight” group?

The goal will be to connect you with people who you do not already know well. You will probably recognize some of the people in your group, but hopefully you will not already know each person well. We hope that the groups will be intergenerational as much as possible.

What are the responsibilities of a “Dinner for Eight” host?

The host will physically host the group of eight in their home for the first meal. Hosts will work with the group to set the date and menu. The host can also facilitate discussion during the meal.

I don’t like cooking. Can I still host?

Absolutely. You can suggest a simple menu (or order take out) and all your guests can help contribute to the spread. (See menu ideas at the bottom of this page.)

Do you have any simple menu ideas?

Taco bar (guests can sign up to bring toppings for tacos, drinks and dessert)

Spaghetti (host can make meat sauce/other pasta sauce and guests can sign up to bring salad, bread, drinks and desserts)

Soup, salad, bread and dessert

Grill out (host can fire up the grill and guests can sign up to bring meat, side dishes, drinks and dessert)

BBQ Spread (host can make or pick up meat and guests can sign up to bring mac n’ cheese, salad, rolls/sandwich buns, coleslaw, potato salad, drinks and dessert)

Breakfast for Dinner (guests can sign up to bring bacon, sausage, oven-baked french toast, donuts, cinnamon rolls, baked oatmeal/grits, and drinks)

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