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FiSHY Staff

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Kyle Rohan, Director of Middle School Ministry

Hey, I’m Kyle! I’m from Newport Beach, California, and grew up in a family who enjoyed spending time together and finding adventure! One thing you should know about me is my love for the water; I go surfing whenever I can! I also love exploring the mountains by hiking in the summer, and seeking out new places to ski in the backcountry during the winter. Contact:  / 303.402.6419.

kim medina, INTERN

 Hey, my name is Kim Statler Medina and I can't wait to be one of the fishy interns next year!  A couple fun facts about myself: I recently graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in psychology and a minor in ecology & evolutionary biology; I love to read (preferably in the sun with a nice glass of iced tea); I love to camp, fish, or do anything that allows me to enjoy the outdoors; and as of August 7th I got to marry my best friend (Kamron Medina) and start our new adventure together. I am so lucky to have this life and I'm very grateful that God has blessed me with so many great opportunities.  I am excited to see where this next year takes me! Contact: / 303.402.6449.


felix sommerville, INTERN

Howdy there! My name is Felix and I am a Kansas boy with a Colorado soul. I love living a healthy lifestyle both physically and spiritually. I am passionate about kids and about community, and cannot wait to have the opportunity to start building profound relationships with kids and adults alike in Boulder. I enjoy getting to know people, and also cherish time to be alone to decompress with the Lord. I could be described as an old man with a youthful personality. My hobbies include discovering and making music, creating and enjoying coffee, reading books, speaking Spanish, spending quality time with individuals, making kombucha, spending restful and active time in God's mountains, and biking everywhere. I could not be more thrilled to be spending the next chapter of my life in the vibrant town of Boulder.  Contact info: / 303.402.6449.  

Karen Cobb, Administrative Assistant

My name is Karen Cobb, and I am excited to be the Administrative Assistant for Student & Family Ministries here at First Pres. I have three children, two in college at UWyo and Iowa State, and one is at Fairview HS. I am especially excited about helping our Fishy and Club programs thrive in their ministry to bring the word of God to kids in Boulder! Contact:   / 303.402.6409