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FiSHY Staff

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Kyle Rohan, Director of Middle School Ministry

Hey, I’m Kyle! I’m from Newport Beach, California, and grew up in a family who enjoyed spending time together and finding adventure! One thing you should know about me is my love for the water; I go surfing whenever I can! I also love exploring the mountains by hiking in the summer, and seeking out new places to ski in the backcountry during the winter. Contact:  / 303.402.6419.

Kelsey Johnson, INTERN

 I was born and raised in a small Texas town, and I thankfully was able to both run fast and turn left in high school.  That skill led me to The University of Alabama to compete in both Cross Country and Track for four years!  I graduated in 2012, and immediately moved to Colorado for what I thought would be only 6 months...and have been here ever since.  I've had the incredible opportunity to work full time for Camp Timberline over the last few years, but recently left to pursue youth ministry full time!  What else...ah yes, dad jokes will always be funny to me and I only eat broken chips.  Contact: / 303.402.6446.


catie cannon, INTERN

I'm from Memphis, Tennessee but growing up, we spent all of our summers at my family's lake house in Heber Springs, Arkansas. I chose to go to the University of Texas in Austin to be near another lake and lots of outdoor fun! I got to be a Wyldlife Leader there for four years and I loved making friends with middle school girls and talking to them about Jesus. I am recently engaged and will be married this fall! My fiancé and I are so excited to explore Boulder and be part of this community together.  Contact info: / 303.402.6446.