Grocery Card Program

Grocery Card Program

Welcome to the grocery card program where you can use proceeds to help fund First Pres activities!

How does the program work?

King Soopers and Safeway grocery cards are like cash. For example, $100 face value on a card costs the buyer $100, and the buyer receives the full $100 in goods from the store upon redemption. From every $100 worth of grocery cards purchased, $4 is placed in your "savings" account. Basically, it is FREE MONEY. Obviously, the rewards can increase significantly with frequent participation. Since the program's inception, First Pres families have earned over $150,000 to pay for participation in church activities or to donate to scholarship funds.

What cards are available?

We have both reloadable and single use gift cards. The reloadable gift cards are a WIN-WIN-WIN as you receive your credit card “rewards” (air miles, hotel discounts, percentage refund), you earn money to use for your FPC related activities or to donate to FPC programs, just by purchasing groceries, gasoline, and prescriptions that you need ANYWAY!

Does the entire face value of the grocery card have to be spent when it is used?

No, the cards operate like a debit card. The amount of the purchase is simply deducted, and any balance remains electronically on the card. For bookkeeping purposes, please reload in $25 increments.

Does the buyer of grocery cards get a tax deduction for using them?

Remember, the purchase of grocery cards is NOT considered a contribution to FPC, since the buyer receives full face value in goods when cards are used. There is NO charitable tax deduction for the individual.

Can people outside First Pres buy the cards?

Yes, absolutely. You, other family members, friends, co-workers, or anyone you know can buy the cards and have the benefit credited to your account.

Where do I get the cards?

Cards are available through us practically any time. For those who attend First Presbyterian Church in Boulder, Margaret and Tom sell them on Sunday mornings from 10:30-11am in Sheldon Jackson Parlor. Reloadable cards (reloaded by clerk via your credit card before purchasing groceries) may be purchased for $10 via Paypal. Please contact the Boyds or the Burgeners at   or   if you wish to purchase a reloadable card via check. Include your mailing address, email address and phone number with the check. We will mail the reloadable card to you. We do not send single use (available in $25 and $100 denominations) cards via mail.

How do I transfer funds? 

If you have a grocery card account, money can be transferred to any indicated FPC program for personal use or as a donation. Funds will accumulate until you are ready to use them. Statements will be mailed quarterly. Transfers may be done by contacting   or   or by completing the Online Transfer Request Form.

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Please note: Although the proceeds from the grocery card program can be used to benefit First Pres activities, the grocery card program itself is not administered by First Pres Boulder.