Messenger Support

Messenger Support

Mission Statement

We send students to serve alongside international ministry partners for the summer for the purpose of growing participants through Christ Centered Vocational preparation, Spiritual & Personal Growth and Cross-Cultural Service.

This is a vital ministry here at the Annex as we believe that it echoes our desire to focus our efforts on the Kingdom of God, foster a lifelong investment towards service, and to solidify partnerships cross-culturally.

3 Focuses of Messenger

1) Christ-centered Vocational Preparation

Developing, learning and using our God given strengths and gifts to better the Kingdom while learning our vocational calling. 

  • Christ centered work does not necessarily mean vocational ministry, but a vocation focused on Christ 
  • We are called to work with and through the gifts that God has given us and to serve him and the Kingdom. We believe that Messenger is a unique opportunity to serve cross – culturally through the use of the unique gifts God has given us. 
  • We desire to place you in a location that both exemplifies and fine tunes the Godly gifts that have been given, as well as seeking out other ways that these might be lived out in the world. We believe that Messenger experience will also prove to be a valuable asset in building your own resume of experience for life after college.

2) Spiritual and Personal Growth

  • Through training, devotions and service, we believe that you will grow closer with God through Messenger.
  • As you serve cross culturally, you will be opened to new ways of thinking, living, worshiping and serving which will shape the way you think about investing our resources of time, money, energy and attention.
  • Cross-Cultural service equips us to live in a Christ-filled, life-giving way wherever you end up. It gives us a new perspective, and an opportunity to continue to practices while at home, school or with friends and family.

3) Cross-Cultural Service

To serve and grow His Kingdom here and now.

  • We are called to “Love God” and to “Love neighbor.” We believe that each of us, whether globally or in your own back yard are called to service. This means to serve the marginalized, love each individual in this world and pour out ourselves to others as God has poured into us.'
  • We believe that God will use each one of us to provide for both his people and creation. Through doing as Christ did for us, we believe that wholeness with God and humanity can be experienced. This is why we send; to provide hope, empowerment, and the love of Christ to all the nations.
  • Through service we help bring wholeness both in this world and between God and humanity. We work cross-culturally to help bring the love of God through evangelism, or spreading the word of God, through both word and deed.