On Friday October 7, 2016, over 140 men enjoyed our 2nd annual MENx event. It was a great evening of fellowship with five thought-provoking speakers on matters of faith and spirituality with whom men can identify. Whether you were unable to attend or would like to revisit the talks again, check out the MENx 2016 videos HERE or view our photo gallery


Our 2016 speakers and topics:

Doug Wekenman

doug wekemanAfter graduating from CU-Boulder in 2010, Doug interned for a year with the university's ministry at First Pres. When that was over he moved to Laguna Beach with a few friends to surf, get tan, and help start a youth ministry. Following that, he spent a year traveling the world to do mission work and produce a full-length documentary (The AC Project) with 3 of his best friends. When he got back to Colorado he became a church planter and helped found Ascent Community Church in Louisville. Now he works as the Teaching Pastor with the Young Adults Ministry at Red Rocks Church and loves it! He enjoys football, adrenaline, food and watching Disney movies with his new wife, Samantha. 

Unreasonable Man
Being an unreasonable man of God means going the extra mile to put to death the destructive habits in your life that are holding you back. By looking primarily at the issue of pornography, this session unpacks what it looks like to apply wisdom to our circumstances and simultaneously let the Gospel propel us forward through faith-driven effort.

Geoff Gorsuch

geoff gorsuch

Geoff has had a nearly 40 year relationship with First Presbyterian Church as he has served God in the mission field around the world.  Geoff graduated from the Air Force and flew over 100 combat missions in Vietnam. After his military service, Geoff was called into ministry with the Navigators organization and has served in France, the US and the Far East.  Geoff has two married daughters and 6 grandchildren. He lost his wonderful wife, Diane, to cancer in 2014 and he has been battling prostate cancer the past year.

Spin and spin recovery: A pilot’s perspective
Life has a way of putting us into a spin. Sickness, death of a loved one or friend, economic difficulty or broken relationships leave us feeling like a crash is inevitable. As a  jet pilot, Geoff was trained in spin recovery  and has gone on to apply what he learned to the challenges of life. Starting with a few key lessons learned in the cockpit, Geoff will go on to speak of how the  ‘flight manual of life’ shows us what we need to know to pull out of the spin and get back on mission.

JB Hall, Sr.

jb hallJB is a Boulder native who has been involved in athletics all his life.  He played in high school and college, coached for years and is now Area Director for Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). JB is married and has a daughter and son, both of whom were active in athletics. His son is now a football coach at the University of Montana.

I’m going to nail your foot to the ground 
Kids athletics can be a great thing for children in many ways.  It can also put a lot of stress on the fabric of families and can create challenges and dilemmas for men of faith.  Difficult parents.  Difficult coaches.  Year round commitments. Practice and games on Sundays. Values that conflict with our values. Often all this leads to difficult decisions for fathers to make.  How do we handle this as men of faith in a way that blesses our children?

Kelby Zordrager

kelby zordragerKelby is a transplanted Michigan State Spartan who moved to CO in 1997 for Skiing, Sun Microsystems, and sunny weather. Married to better-half Beth ​ for  ​19 years, they have 3 children;  ​Aubreigh (16), Owen (13), and Anabelle (11). CEO and founder of DevelopIntelligence, a two-time winner of "Fastest growing education companies in America" on the Inc 5000 list, DI is a leading provider of technical talent development solutions for software and high-tech companies and has trained more than 48,000 engineers in 30 different countries.

Ethics are nice, but a luxury in business
Sooner or later, all men run into it.  A job situation that puts the job in conflict with our faith.  Honesty, integrity and faith values push up against what the job or a boss or a customer requires.  What happens when we are asked to do things that conflict with our faith? Or worse, when we are accused of doing something that we haven't? How do we navigate these waters? Where do we draw the line? Can we draw the line? How much can we push back?  How do we push back?

Dave Pascoe

dave pascoeDave grew up in Southern California. He felt a call to ministry shortly before high school graduation and this led full-time ministry after studying at Whitworth College and Fuller Seminary. He served churches in Washington and Nevada and retired in 2014. He is married with two children and four grandchildren.  He lives in Lafayette, is a member of First Pres and will be the Men’s Life teaching leader starting in October 18th.

Life is a battle: Join the Resistance
The problem with life is, it’s so daily! We think the day will go well and then wham. Job issues, health issues, child issues, moral dilemmas.  They come at us from multiple directions unexpectedly. What are your resources to engage these issues? Can you even tell who the enemy is? If you’re struggling in the battles of real life, where can you turn? If you’re living a life of faith, maybe you have some tips for others. If you’re wandering through a minefield feeling lost, come get some ideas that may help lead you to safety. You can learn to defend the territory God gives you. Join the resistance today!