Fishy FAQ

Fishy FAQ

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Do you have questions about Fishy?  If you don't find answers to your questions below just  us and ask away!

Q. What is Fishy?

A. Fishy is our weekly program for 6th-8th graders. FiSHY's purpose is to present students with practical issues of faith in Christ in an exciting, relational environment. We do this by engaging students in games, music, teaching, and small groups. Every student is part of a small group headed by a leader who helps the group grow in faith, share, have fun, and hang out outside of Wednesday nights.

Q. Who is Fishy for?

A. All middle schoolers are welcome at Fishy!

Q. Where do the volunteer leaders come from?

A. They are mostly CU students here in Boulder, all with a passion for serving the Lord. We do background checks on all leaders, making sure that only the best possible leaders are hanging out with your kids. We meet with them on a regular basis to keep up with their lives and check up on their small groups.

Q. Where do we drop off our kids for Fishy on Wednesday nights?

A. You can drop off and pick up your kids under the Fishy sign at the east entrance to First Pres Church on 16th St. between Canyon and Walnut.

Q. How do you decide who is in which small group?

A. Our goal is to provide a healthy, safe environment for each kid who walks in the doors. We strive to place them in groups they feel comfortable with.

Q. Who and what are Community Parents?

A. Each small group is assigned a volunteer Community Parent. These all-stars help their small group out with things like weekend hangouts, organizing Fishy-Comes-Home, as well as being a go-between for leaders and other parents in the small group. They help keep the Fishy world spinning!!!

Q. What is AXIS?

A. The Axis is a Sunday morning program for middle students. We meet Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30, in the Fallout. This is an atmosphere for students who are looking to dig more deeply into scripture.

Q. Is there anything for my Elementary student during Fishy?

A. Definitely! This church has programs for both age groups during the same time as Fishy! Base Camp is for Elementary students and meets in the First Pres Children's Wing from 6:30-8pm. CLUB is for the High Schoolers and meets in the Annex building (across the street from First Pres) from 7:15-8:45 pm.

Q. Do you have to pay to go to Fishy?

A. You do NOT have to pay to go to Fishy. We just want your kids to come and hang out! Camps and mission trips cost money, but if financial problems arise, scholarships are available.