Boulder Partners

Boulder Partners

First Presbyterian Church has been regularly involved within the community in which it finds itself. As we have stated in our Focus Areas of FPC:

The lavish love of Jesus poured out on us leads us to love boldly and seek the flourishing of Boulder. The location and people of First Presbyterian Church are a trust we would be foolish to ignore. Our unique identity and facility as a downtown Boulder church are gifts we ought to offer to our city in a way that reflects God’s redeeming love. It’s time for a fresh investment in Boulder relationships by offering ourselves as a loving conversation partner with our city.

This is our focus here and we want to connect you to ways that we are partnering with individuals and organizations to seek this into our community. We believe that Jesus calls each body of believers to love, care and serve the people in their midst. We do this by partnering with these following organizations:

Flatirons Habitat for Humanity

 The goal of the Habitat Team at First Pres is to support the partnership between First Pres and Flatirons Habitat, the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity.  We communicate to the congregation about the need for decent, affordable housing and Habitat’s mission.  There are opportunities to volunteer for and support events of Flatirons Habitat such as Family Welcome, House Dedications, and fundraising events.  Some individuals have participated in the Keys Community program by serving as coach/mentors for new Habitat homeowners.  At First Pres, we organize events to raise awareness and funds needed for Habitat support and recruit individuals and groups for construction work days and other volunteer opportunities.  We meet several times a year, as needed, and always welcome new members.  To connect with the Habitat Team, contact the Missions Department.

Kid's Hope USA

KIDS HOPE USA is a partnership between First Pres and Columbine Elementary School in north Boulder, five minutes from the Church. Adults from our Church meet with children in 1st through 5th grades once a week during the school year at Columbine Elementary School in north Boulder. Each mentor and student also receives vital prayer support from a prayer partner.

 The opportunity is enormous. The need is great. The idea is simple:

One child, One hour, One church, One School.

Will you be the one to make the difference in the life of a child?

To learn how to be matched with a student please contact Janet Schultz.

Lamb's Lunch

The Lamb's Ministry provides a safe place for building relationships between our faith community and the community of people who have low income or are homeless. In addition, there is opportunity to share the Word. That horizontal (with men and women) and vertical (with God) relationship-building is the essence of the ministry, which includes no cost lunches, Bible studies and "survival" items (long underwear, new shoes, space blankets, soap, toothbrushes, etc.) give always.

Doorways English School

The Doorways English School for International Women provides an opportunity for women to engage in instruction in conversational English. Children of these women attend and are provided with a constructive playtime. Both adults and children have an opportunity to build friendships that span differences in background, languages and cultural ideas.  Doorways is a part of First Pres Boulder's Local Missions. For more information call Jan Westover at 303.746.0388 or 

Scott Filkin [InterVarsity]

Scott Filkin of InterVarsity's Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF) at the University of Colorado, Boulder is a community of graduate students, post-docs and campus professionals striving to follow Jesus Christ in every area of life. They seek to engage the heart and mind through fellowship, Bible study, and prayer in order to be transformed in Christ. They are committed to developing strong relationships from which to share Christ's love with others through service and evangelism. Click here to support Scott.

Joe Hall [Fellowship of Christian Athletes]

JB Hall works with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and has been through the Colorado Sports Ministry Institute, designed to equip individuals to go full time in ministry and impact this world for Jesus Christ through the avenue of sports.  His vision is to reach Boulder County by lifting up the name of Jesus through four pillars of strategic focus: 

l. Building Godly relationships with the coaches and athletes.
2. Mentoring and Discipling
3. Leadership Training
4. Evangelism

Real Choices Pregnancy Care Center

Real Choices Pregnancy Care Center has the mission of ministering and providing Real Choices before, during and after unexpected pregnancies in a free and confidential setting.

Real Choices Pregnancy Care Center exists to be a resource for women and men with pregnancy related needs. We are not here to tell a woman what to do but to provide her with the support, information and education needed to make decisions that are right for her and that respect her value and the value of others involved.


If you would like to get involved, please contact the missions department at , or directly by visiting each of them on the web. Thank you and please lift each of these areas up in prayer.