Compassion International

Compassion International

Compassion International exists as a Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.

First Pres has been in major partner with Compassion International for many years. As a church, we have sponsored over 850 children through Compassion with constant investment and care for each child. First Pres has supported and worked deeply in Tanzania and Guatemala, through Compassion, but we continue to sponsor children all over the globe.

What a Compassion Sponsorship does

It is only $38 per month to sponsor a child. According to Compassion’s FAQ section on their website, there is so much that your small, yet significant, amount does:

"The children Compassion serves receive, among other things, the opportunity to hear the gospel and learn about Jesus; regular Christian training; educational opportunities and help; health care, hygiene training and supplementary food if necessary; a caring and safe Christian environment to grow in self-confidence and social skills; personal attention, guidance and love."

But sponsorship is far more than a financial transaction. Children and sponsors exchange letters and photos. Sponsors receive periodic updates on their child and have the option of providing gifts to children and their families. Your sponsorship becomes one of the most significant relationships of their lives.

Opportunities to support

 Sponsor a Child

If you would like to support a child please click to visit Compassion. For $38 per month, one sponsor can invest in the life of one child who is living in poverty. Each sponsored child receives education, nutrition and health care along with spiritual encouragement through age-appropriate Bible teaching. As children are loved and supported, they gain the confidence to pursue a life out of poverty.

If you have any questions contact the Mission's Department at .

Write a Letter

Not only can you write a letter by hand, but you can also write a letter view your online profile. You can send pictures, gifts and other electronic aspects. If you do not have a login yet, it only takes a minute to create on and begin writing. Click to get started.

 Visit your Child

Advocate for Change

An advocate is "one who defends, who pleads another's case, or who calls for one's aid." This volunteer role is for Compassion financial contributors who choose to commit their time, talents, and influence to help children in need. Click to learn more.

If you have further questions email Amy Coddington who has been a longtime First Pres member.