Global Partners

Global Partners

First Pres has partnered with many organizations and congregants throughout the years to see the Kingdom of God become known to the Nations. It is an amazing opportunity for us to share with you information about most of out partners who are working to see the Gospel known to all areas of the earth and to see His Kingdom come here and now in just ways. 

Although we cannot show you all of our partners due to security reasons, these are many of the folks that have served for a long time and have invested both in the global church as well as First Presbyterian Church. Please continue to lift them up in prayer.

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(Organized by last name)
Andrew Adair

Andrew and Teri are leading The Antioch Partners (TAP), a missionary sending organization expanding long-term, cross-cultural, incarnational ministry opportunities for Presbyterians.  TAP was launched in the summer of 2007 and there are now missionary partners serving through TAP in Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  Andrew and Teri are grateful for the privilege of partnering with local Presbyterian churches in recruiting, assessing, training, sending and supporting long-term, cross-cultural servants.  These servants are being used by God to bring people to faith in Jesus, plant churches and demonstrate God’s Kingdom in tangible ways throughout the world.  Andrew and Teri have three children (Rebekah 20, Matthew 17 and Gabrielle 12).

B.J. & Sarah Carter [South east Asia]

BJ and Sarah’s work with Pioneers is to see God’s Kingdom come and the local church gain a foothold amongst unreached people groups in Southeast Asia. It can be easy to forget that there are entire people groups, cultures and islands that have never heard of the person of Jesus, let alone met one of his followers!  

Their role is to mobilize short-term mission groups to come and partner with their overseas team as God grows a Kingdom movement amongst unreached peoples. If you have ever felt called to serve those who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus or even met a Christian, consider coming on a short missions trip with BJ and Sarah and Shemah International. Contact the Missions Department if you are intersected .

David and Vreni Greenlee

David and Vreni Greenlee have served with Operation Mobilization (OM) for over thirty-five years. For many years they were part of the ship ministry of OM, including the original “Logos”, the “Logos II”, and the “Doulos”. David’s work in recent years involved a mix of leadership, research, teaching and writing while Vreni has been involved with immigrants. The leaders of OM’s creative ministry streams – arts, business, sport, responding to HIV and AIDS, relief and development, and TeenStreet – report to David, who in turn helps them integrate their ministries with OM’s fields worldwide. He also chairs OM’s International General Council, responsible for final approval of OM policies and senior leadership appointments.   For the past several years the Greenlees have lived in Switzerland, Vreni’s home country, but during 2014 are on furlough based in the USA. 

David has published many mission-related articles and wrote or edited books including Longing for Community: Church, Ummah, or Somwhere in Between? (editor 2013), From the Straight Path to the Narrow Way: Journeys of Faith (editor, 2006), One Cross, One Way, Many Journeys: Thinking Again about Conversion (2007) and Global Passion: Marking George Verwer’s Contribution to World Mission (2003).

Tim & Brenda Noble [Thailand]

Tim and Brenda are missionaries with OMF International in Thailand.Tim works alongside churches to work towards a church plantingmovement throughout Ayutthaya, a province in which most of thedistricts do not yet have a church. Brenda has begun teaching Englishat Bangkok Bible Seminary and reaches out to Thai mothers of studentsat the International School where their sons, Nate and Pete, attend.

Tim and Brenda Noble
(Natthaphon and Nong)
23/17 Moo 5 Chalermphrakiat Soi 6Nong Bon Prawet Bangkok 10250THAILAND


OMF International
10 W. Dry Creek Circle
Littleton, CO 80120
Glenn and Carol Price [Lindale, Texas]

Glenn has led and/or participated in outreaches in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil, Spain, Holland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, France, Romania, Ukraine, China, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Benin, Zimbabwe, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Haiti, Japan and the USA.  Glenn currently serves as the Director of Communications for YWAM’s MercyWorks, headquartered in Lindale, Texas.

Carol has a Masters in Nursing Science and is a Nurse Practitioner who teaches nursing students at the University of Texas at Tyler.  Carol is actively involved in ministry through discipling women, helping teach health care courses and participating in medical outreaches.

In addition to their ministry responsibilities, Glenn and Carol both serve on the leadership team of Hope For 100, a campaign in east Texas dedicated to finding loving Christian homes for orphans and foster children.

Glenn and Carol Price
YWAM - MercyWorks
PO Box 3000
Lindale, TX 75771-3000

1.800.772.SHIP Website
Youth With A Mission (YWAM)
P.O. Box 3000
Van, TX 75771-3000

Rolando and Flor Perez [Lima, Peru]

Rolando is serving God in Peace and Hope International (PHI), a Christian human rights organization, whose mission is to promote justice for people and communities who suffer injustice and poverty throughout Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. His ministry there is focused in two areas:

  1. Accompanying churches affected by environmental contamination; Training church leaders who are ministering in the Andean region of Peru, especially in areas affected by environmental pollution as a consequence of the extractive industries. And also advisory in Advocacy Strategies, encouraging to pastors lay leaders to becoming peace-making agents in their communities in order to contribute in a practical way solving local social conflicts.
  1. Supporting families affected by child sexual abuse and domestic violence; developing communication strategies to make well-known through the media, the cases of child sexual abuse in the cities where PHI work (Huánuco, San Martin, and Andahuaylas in Peru, Guayaquil in Ecuador and Santa Cruz in Bolivia), in order to influence the adoption of public policies and laws that protect women and children.
  1. Training church leaders in communication strategies; developing consultations and workshops in order to use the media to communicate the gospel in a contextualized manner, to build strategies for building a public presence and prophetic voice into their communities, and to develop public campaigns in issues such as domestic violence, corruption, discrimination, etc. These activities are developed in partnership with evangelical seminaries and local churches.

Rolando said, “We are pleased because we feel that this is the place and the ministry whereby God has trained us during our time in Boulder. It is a real privilege to serve God in a context in which the church is constantly challenged to walk along with excluded people, raise its voice against injustice, and communicate the Good News in an integral manner”

Ian and Teri Rutter [France]

Ian and Teri have been working under Campus Crusade for Christ in France for almost thirty years. They were involved initially in establishing the CCC student work in France and have been engaged in multiple projects with a variety of churches since that time.

In the past 12 months, they have entered into partnership with another mission called Alongside Ministries International. True to its name, Alongside places culturally-sensitive Christian workers inside national churches to serve alongside local pastors. Under this partnership, Ian and Teri are serving as Directors for Western Europe, mentoring the younger workers and developing further contacts among receiving churches. Their area of responsibility includes France, Scotland and Berlin, Germany. In many ways, this new partnership is enabling them to fulfil their original vision of 'training the next generation of Christian leaders'.

Closer to home, Ian and Teri are involved in outreach through their local church, notably in conjunction with the Alpha course. Ian is an elder in the church and Teri is a trained lay counsellor and teaching leader with Community Bible Study (CBSI). The Geneva area, where they have lived for the past five years, is a highly cosmopolitan and strategic center for reaching the world-wide community.

    Laurel Schone

As a 3rd generation member of FPC, Laurel grew up benefitting greatly from Sunday School, FISHY, Club, the Music Department, etc., and is currently serving with Operation Mobilization’s USA base in Tyrone, Georgia as a People Care Specialist. People Care, which is also known as ‘member care’ or ‘missionary care,’ is defined as the ongoing preparation, equipping and empowering of missionaries for effective and sustainable life, ministry and work.

Having served with OM in South Asia for several years, Laurel now works to serve those who are on the front lines of global missions, caring for their spiritual and emotional needs and well-being. This takes place before they overseas to their field of service in the form of briefing and trainings, on the field through Skype calls, emails and field visits, and after they return home through debriefing and training on transition and re-entry.

Laurel’s passion is to care for those who are making Christ’s name known among the least-reached peoples of the world, helping them stay healthy and resilient on the mission field, in order that they would stay longer and have a greater impact for God’s Kingdom.

Laurel Schone
Operation Mobilization
PO Box 444
Tyrone, GA


Mike and Lorna Ward

Mike and Lorna have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators since 1979.  In 1982 they began work with the Quioquitani Zapotec people of Oaxaca, Mexico with the goal of translating the New Testament into their language.  The New Testament was published in 2000, after which Mike and Lorna completed an audio recording.   They also dubbed the Luke video in the Zapotec language.  An evangelical church has been planted in Quioquitani and, though small, is continuing to grow.  Since the publication of the New Testament the Wards have taken on support roles in the Mexico Branch of SIL.  Mike served as the Translation Coordinator for six years and is currently the Scripture Publications Coordinator.  Lorna is working as the assistant to the Director of Personnel.