Street Paws

Street Paws

Street Paws Ministry to the Homeless

Street Paws, (established in 2013) is a ministry to the homeless with dogs (and sometimes cats). Street Paws provides information, resources and support for those trying to live on the streets with their pet(s). Oftentimes dogs are left tied up outside as their guardians get food and clothes from homeless feeds and other resources. It is as important for these dogs to have adequate healthy food and protection from the elements. Many times these animals are the only source of unconditional love for their guardians and can be the closest thing to family some on the street know. As one of God's treasured creatures, Street Paws seeks to show pets of the homeless compassion and care.  

Current Needs (updated 9.15.17)

X-Small dog coats (6 - 14lbs)
X-Large dog coats

Donations of dry and wet food are always gratefully accepted. Donations can be left in the main office at the front desk, Mon - Thur 8 am - 4:45 pm / Fri 8 am - 4:00 pm or outside the main office (inside door) or in the drop off bin near the North Courtyard walkway. Donation receipts are available.

Since 2013 Street Paws has given out over 3000 lbs of dry food. Dry food is broken out into 3 lb increments to make carrying easier and is available weekly. Cans of wet food (with pop tops) are also provided. In addition, whenever available - coats, paw protectors, leashes, collars, treats, and bowls are provided. If the monetary funds are available, vaccinations are covered.  

Keeping Dogs Healthy and Comfortable

Each dog, whenever possible, is visually evaluated for mental and physical health. Pets of the homeless can live happy lives - being outdoors, on the move and always with their guardians. One of the health issues that Street Paws tries to help with is the danger of not being vaccinated - in particular for Parvo which is prevalent in the Foothills of Boulder where people camp. Dogs can die an agonizing death within a week of exposure to Parvo.

Street Paws also tries to discourage human food by providing plentiful dry and wet dog food options.

Keeping dogs comfortable while they walk miles per day in extreme temperatures is of primary importance. Coats and paw protectors are given out in-person so dogs can be visually evaluated and properly fitted.


Ashley Matthews at 720.840.4636 or 303.402.6403